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Internet & Video Game Addiction

Two of our less-common but still-challenging addictions are Internet and video game addiction. Though less threatening, in most cases, to the immediate health of the addict, they are certainly capable of destroying lives. And destroy they will if not treated. With the advant of the Internet both video game and internet addiction have become widespread problems.

It all starts with someone willing to contact Lifeline Interventions and let us know that there’s someone in a crisis situation. With internet addiction and video game addictions, the individual making a call is reaching out for help for someone who is incapable of helping themselves.

Gambling Addiction Interventions

Though this is true for other interventions as well, the denial is less related to a psychological barrier manufactured by a toxin. With gabling addiction, it’s a behavioral disorder or some psychological effect that is associated with the euphoria of potentially winning. Most addictions are deep and emotional experiences, with sub-surface issues rising up to rear their ugly heads.

Again, a cry for help, a desire to see change happen in the life of someone special is all it takes — before the addict hurts themselves and their lives, permanently.

Intervention Information

Hopefully, intervention can help people to understand that they’re not all alone. Family members, friends, and specialists who are willing and able to offer their love, thoughts, ideas, and feelings can help an intervention addict become healthy again. With a non-confrontational approach, fully supportive of the addict, Lifelines Intervention will knock down the walls of denial and open up the possibilities for recovery and survival. Make the change for someone who can’t help themselves.

That’s why it’s important to understand that some people don’t have anyone to reach out a helping hand. Lifeline Interventions understands and promotes full-awareness in addiction intervention. And people who have an addiction or eating disorder need someone they can believe in — someone who can hold their hand, give them support, offer kindness, and get them to take the first steps from transport to treatment, on their way to recovery and survival.


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